Webinar Recording: Raising Visionary Kids Who Engage the World for Christ, with Israel Wayne

Raising Visionary Kids - WayneHow do you teach children not to shy away from the giants of this world, but confront them fearlessly? How do you impart the tools of a culture-shaping Biblical worldview into the hands of your children, and also into their hearts? How do you disciple your toddlers and teenagers to become Christ-followers who engage the world for Him?


In this final broadcast of the spring series, Israel Wayne uses Scripture to get to the heart of the matter of raising visionary kids. He will challenge:


    • Kids to engage the world right now as part of their families.
    • Parents to set the example by engaging in Christ's battles themselves.
    • Everyone to remember this often overlooked truth: if you don't first engage the world for Christ side by side with your children, they will be ill-equipped to engage the world by themselves.


Are you engaging the world for Christ with your children?

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Posted on April 10, 2014 in Broadcasts, Child Training, Christian Heritage OnAir, Family Discipleship, Family Discipleship and Homeschooling Conference, Family Economy, History, Homeschooling, Young Men, Young Women