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Daniel Smithwick

Dan is the founder of the Nehemiah Institute, a nonprofit ministry providing biblical worldview training and worldview assessment programs. He authored a program to reveal an individual’s worldview on politics, economics, education, religion, and social issues. His newest work, The Kingdom Seminar, provides worldview training to local churches. Dan has five children and is a grandparent of thirteen.


Biblical Worldview and Culture: An Amazing Story
Workshop B: Friday, 1:45
A history “fly over” from creation to today helps us gain a deeper understanding of the providence of God in the affairs of men and nations. Twelve key events, occurring at 500-year intervals over the past 10,000 years, show the amazing story of how God advances his purposes for the Kingdom of Christ through key individuals acting in his timing. Learn how important the sphere of education is in our time.

Biblical Worldview and Culture: A Troubling Story
Workshop D: Saturday, 1:00
The deep meaning of “worldview” has key spheres in life: family, church, and state. Daniel reveals how our youth have been taken captive to an anti-biblical worldview by comparing the worldviews of biblical and secular/atheist scholars, to Christian youth. This troubling story must be understood by Christian educators today!

Biblical Worldview and Culture: A Forgotten Story
Workshop E: Saturday, 2:30
There is a “worldview shift” occurring in America over the past four hundred years. Understand this Colonial Education Era in America by studying the character of the people, how they determined what was real, how they knew what they knew, and what demonstrated a good life. This shift from a biblical-based to a secular-based education system is the Forgotten Story of today.

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