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Jonathan Brush

Jonathan is a first-generation-homeschool graduate and homeschool dad of six. He is Executive Director of Student Life for Lumerit Education after working in higher education admissions as Director of Admissions. Jonathan speaks to families and groups across the country about how to seek out adventures and prepare for opportunities.


The Importance of Finding, Building and Keeping Great Relationships
Workshop C: Saturday, 10:45
Your relationships with others determine your happiness, success, and well-being in life. They measure how you serve others, make a difference in the world, and influence yourlegacy. Knowing how to find, build, and keep them is very important!Learn how to choose critically when making them, prioritize them, and invest wisely to keep them.

Standing on the Solid Rock: How to Radically Transform Your Family through Family Bible Study
Workshop B: Friday, 1:45
Faithfully having a time for daily family Bible study and worship transforms families, supercharges faith, and changes lives. Planning and leading doesn’t require any specialized training and yields benefits you can’t imagine. Jonathan shares about how his life, and the life of his family, has been transformed by this simple discipline. Leave equipped to change your family!

Critical Skills Your Child Needs to be Successful
Workshop E: Saturday, 2:30
Academic knowledge is important, but does it prepare for success in future employment? Is your student becoming a collaborator, communicator, critical thinker, and creator? Are they developing media, information, technology, life,and career skills? Surveyed college professors and CEOs disagree on how prepared a graduate is for modern life. Learn how to plan for success… beyond the curriculum.

College Madness - When the Crowd is Wrong
Workshop A: Friday, 11:15
Many say, “Go to school, get good grades, and go to a good college so you can get a good job and live The American Dream!” Join Jonathan to learn about crowd dynamics, group think, and how to make sure you understand the incredible changes, opportunities, and challenges happening in higher education today… regardless of what the crowd is doing.

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Posted on April 5, 2018 in Events