2018 Marriage Retreat

Thursday & Friday, February 8-10, 2018

Whether Newlyweds, Marriage Veterans, 

Engaged, Courting or Single Adults preparing for marriage

All are welcome!

Nursing infants are welcome, too.

Save the Date and Watch for NEW Details!  This event is a real favorite and sells out fast!

Registration Opens November 4th at 9 am!

At its best, marriage brings joys and blessings rarely seen in this life. At its worst, marriage generates grief, pain, and conflict, often because husbands and wives do not fully understand their roles and responsibilities.

Wouldn’t it be great if husbands and wives had access to clear, simple instructions on how to have a wonderful marriage—given by the One who created marriage? Such instructions exist!

Whether marriage veterans, newlyweds or singles - God, the author of marriage, placed the instructions in His Word showing husbands, wives and those preparing themselves for marriage exactly how to experience His blessings within this sacred covenant!


Our retreat will be held at the

Enzian Inn, nestled in the quaint Bavarian Village of Leavenworth, Washington.

COUPLES, enjoy a romantic getaway and strengthen your marriage covenant!

SINGLES, prepare yourself for the blessings of marriage and strengthen your character!

Registration is $340 per Couple or Single Adult

Includes two nights lodging in a private room, two breakfast meals and all registration fees.

 TWO Single Adults sharing a room $360

...just $180 each! 

Double Occupancy Roommates must Register together

Single adults must be 18 or over and must have a valid state ID  


At the Christian Heritage Marriage Retreat, we will offer a clear guide on the Bible’s view of marriage. Together, we will explore...

  • Scripture’s commands for husbands and wives
  • Godly love and how to show it
  • Submission and headship
  • Biblical intimacy
  • How to build your marriage on an indestructible foundation

Together, we will study the Biblical recipe for healthy, joyful, Christ-centered relationships.

Because of the great response to our last two Marriage Retreats, we have made plans to extend the weekend and accommodate more people!

Registration Opens November 4th!

Registration Opens November 4th at 9 am!

There will be breaks between sessions so that you can enjoy the local Bavarian fare for other meals and the Inn has cross-country ski's available if you would like to enjoy some additional outdoor recreation!

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Marriage Retreat Schedule 

Coming Soon!