Join thousands of other homeschoolers for two full days of hope, encouragement and inspiration at the

2018 Family Discipleship & Homeschool Conference

April 26-28 in Redmond, WA

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The live stream of the 2018 Family Discipleship and Homeschooling Conference will present something for every member of your family:

  • Fathers will be called to loving, servant leadership and faithful discipleship in the home by looking to their heavenly Father for the perfect example of fatherhood they never had.
  • Mothers will be encouraged with a fresh perspective on the big-picture “why” behind the daily routine of motherhood, as well as practical tips for keeping the “homeschool routine” from turning into the “homeschooling rat-race.”
  • Young adults and children will be prepared to engage the culture for Christ with a biblical view of history, science and defending the faith.

Through the lineup of dynamic speakers and practical sessions, you will be equipped to fulfill your great calling in life: making disciples of Jesus Christ – one child at a time.


The Live Stream will broadcast all 10 General Sessions and Workshops taking place in the main auditorium.


Can’t make it to all of the sessions live? Don’t worry! Your Live Stream Pass will give you access to all 10 live streamed session recordings for one month so you can enjoy the conference at your convenience!

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Live Stream Pass + 1 Month Access to Recordings = ONLY $39.95 (Compare to $139 Onsite Pass)
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9:00-10:30 (General Session) Ken Ham

Keynote: How to Raise Up Generations to Defend the Christian Faith in an Increasingly Hostile Culture

About two-thirds of young people leave church by college age-with few returning. Ken looks at new statistical research published in Ready to Return, to show that the millennial generation is more secular in worldview than ever. Millennials who currently attend church are its future voice. A strong stand on biblical authority is needed (rooting out compromise and teaching apologetics) to reclaim lost and coming generations for Christ.

10:30 (Break)

11:15-12:15 (Workshop A) Ken Ham

Why Is the Church Not Impacting the Culture as It Used To?

Find out how Genesis 1-11 is foundational to developing a truly Christian worldview. As Ken walks you through the 7 C’s of history, you will see how all the Christian doctrines, essential for a truly biblical worldview, are founded in the geology, biology, astronomy, and anthropology that is recorded in Genesis.

12:15 Lunch

1:45-2:45 (Workshop B) Ken Ham

How to Deal with Racism and Prejudice in a Divided Nation

So-called racial issues continue to heat up in America. Our culture needs the answers from God’s Word. Understanding what happened at the Tower of Babel is key to understanding the origin of nations, “races,” and prejudice. Ken shares Charles Darwin’s destructive ideas about skin color, facial features, etc. and on the lighter side, a comical perspective on poodles to explain natural selection and speciation.

2:45 (Break)

3:30-4:30 (General Session) Dr. Carlton McLeod

Keynote – Reform the Family . . . The Foundation of the Kingdom

“The family—the much maligned, attacked, misunderstood, vilified, and thought to be irrelevant biblical family.” —Dr. Carlton McLeod, The Playbook. Just a brief look at our culture reveals the breakdown of the family and the consequences of compromising this holy institution. Find out more about God’s vision for the family, the need for family reformation, and the family’s impact on the Kingdom of God.

4:30 Dinner

6:30-8:30 Family Night Dr. Steve Scheibner

Living on Borrowed Time

Family Night Keynote – The Nine Practices of The Proactive Parent

Dr. Scheibner was originally scheduled to be co-pilot on the first flight hijacked on Sept. 11th, 2001. Now, he tells a deeply moving story of God’s providence and how he teaches parents to parent with purpose and urgency. He shares the Nine Practices of the Proactive Parent to give parents both tools and hope, to build a Christ-centered character-driven home environment.


8:00 Registration

9:00-10:15 (General Session) Ken Ham

Keynote – America and the Great Divide: It’s a Full-On War

Most evangelistic programs today (and most missionaries and evangelists) do not see Genesis as a key part of reaching people with the gospel. The history in Genesis (e.g. the origin of sin) is foundational to a full understanding of the gospel message. Realizing how culture now thinks (and has changed its thinking) in relation to earth history, is a key to approaching people and presenting the gospel!

10:15 (Break)

10:45-11:45 (Workshop C) Ken Ham

The Biblical foundation for Christian education—How to Raise Godly Offspring

Ken shares from his childhood to show parents the importance of a biblical foundation to training children. What does the Bible say (not your opinion) on how to bring up, train, discipline, and educate children? What should education priorities be? Come be inspired and equipped with answers as you lead your family in the truth.

11:45-1:00 (Lunch & Shopping)

1:00-2:00 (Workshop D) Dr. Carlton McLeod

Pastors’ and Church Leaders’ Workshop: The Church in a Pickle

A true look at the church in America finds that she is stuck between the world and God’s Word.Many churches have the best intentions to do the Lord’s work, but find themselves stuck. They are stuck between decades of following the world and the need to return to Scripture, and between man’s desire to hear pleasant words and a lessening influence on culture. All are welcome to this workshop for pastors, church leaders, and those who aspire to this level of leadership.

2:00 (Break)

2:30-3:30 (Workshop E) Dr. Steve Scheibner

2ML (Second Mile Leadership For Men)

Second mile leaders are counter-intuitive servants of God who develop a consistent love of virtue, a disciplined approach to gratification, and a submissive love for the authority of God’s Word. Male leadership is essential to the success of marriages, families, the church, and society. Earn the right to be heard and more—powerful!

3:30 (Break)

4:30-5:55 (General Session) Dr. Carlton McLeod

Keynote – Battle for Our Children

Are we fighting hard enough for our children? What happens to them as we raise them in the fear of the Lord? We know the statistics showing that 70-80% of children leave the faith by the time they reach college. Dr. McLeod encourages us in how and why we should fight even more for the next generation.



Have you ever heard the sound of 200 homeschoolers raising their voices in praise to the Almighty God? Don’t miss this thrilling performance by the Christian Heritage at the beginning of the final general session!

Chorale with verse



Attendee Feedback

“I am so thankful for the blessing Christian Heritage has been to disciple our family and encourage us in our walk with the Lord. Thank you!”

“Thanks for the excellent weekend!”

“It is a joy and a blessing to be here.”

“Your conference is well done – it is hard to top. A heartfelt thanks!!”

“We continue to be blessed much by the messages.”

“Excellent concert as always. Keep up the good work.”

“Each and every year the conference has addressed an issue on my heart, correcting wrong thinking and yet giving tremendous encouragement and all biblically based.”

“Thank you for the Christ focused biblically saturated perspective you always offer. This is so much bigger than just homeschooling ~ it‘s refreshing to be bathed in the teaching!”

“I want to develop my parent’s values and passions. We all need a lot of outside help. The world is after us. – A Teen.”

“Thank you for the encouraging weekend my family experienced. We are looking forward to next year already!”

“Thank you for maintaining such high godly standards on how you run the conference.”

“We like to attend every year for a time of refreshment.”

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Ken Ham

Ken is president and CEO of Answers in Genesis, the Creation Museum, and America’s latest major tourist attraction, the Ark Encounter. He is one of the most in-demand Christian speakers in North America, a native Australian who now lives near Cincinnati, and a prominent blogger and author of numerous books on the accuracy and authority of the Bible, starting with its very first verse. Ken appears frequently on TV, hosts the daily radio program, ANSWERS with Ken Ham, and is an editor and contributing author for AiG’s Answers magazine.

Dr. Carlton McLeod

Carlton is relentless in his pursuit to compassionately teach with a biblical worldview. From beginning in the Navy, to a call to full-time ministry, he and his wife, Donna, then established Calvary Revival Church Chesapeake. After spending his early years in ministry attempting to pull young people out of the kingdom of darkness with all the world’s methods, the Lord led him back to the Bible to see the critical need for constant, fervent, and Spirit-led biblical family discipleship. Carlton and Donna home educate their three children.

Dr. Steve Scheibner

Steve is a retired Navy Commander, commercial airline pilot, pastor, trainer, and motivational speaker. Steve and his wife, Megan, are instrumental in the lives of young parents. They developed a course entitled Parenting Matters: The Nine Practices of the Proactive Parent. Steve is President of Characterhealth Corporation, a non-profit ministry to equip parents to train the next generation of character-healthy leaders.

Megan homeschools their eight children, speaks, and writes. She authored “In My Seat,” the story of Steve’s 9/11 experience, that has captivated millions on YouTube. She is also offering two workshops at this year’s conference which will be available for purchase and download in the Christian Heritage Store shortly after the conference concludes.