Apple Pie Tradition

2018 Day at the Capitol

Check back later this year for the date of the 2018 Day at the Capitol so you can mark your calendar!


As always, the Annual Apple Pie Tradition was a great success in 2016! This event is part of our Annual Home Educators’ Day at the Capitol” event, happening again on March 9, 2017. Each year Home Educators bless their representatives and senators by serving them homemade apple pies! The results?

  • Delighting our government authorities with a unique and delicious gift
  • Making our presence known to our state legislators and other officials
  • Letting them see our faces and meet us as real people
  • Giving parents and students opportunity to ask questions and share why homeschooling is important to them.

We are very thankful for how the Lord blessed us as we tried to bless and honor those who serve in our state government.

We need more gracious volunteers to make this event possible. · Would you consider making one or more homemade apple pies?
· Please Note: We are stressing the home made.

  •  It is very impressive to receive a pie that someone took the time and effort to plan and make.
  • It makes the receiver feel very special that someone thought well enough in advance about them to take time out of their busy schedules to bake them a pie!

Each year we have been able to deliver a homemade apple pie to all 147 legislators, the governor and lt. governor. We are praying to be able to do so again this year.

Would you please consider participating this year?

And would you please encourage other families to join you and sign up now? 

Let’s keep homeschooling alive and well respected by those who represent us in Olympia! Please join us in blessing and praying for those who help pass laws in our wonderful state of Washington.

If you want to partipicate in this event please e-mail us at

A Few Helpful "Apple Pie Tradition" Hints 
from a participating family

Our family started baking about a week before the event, wrapped the pies neatly and securely in plastic, and froze them.

  • We took them out to thaw the evening before they were to be delivered.
  • This process allowed us to make several pies on more than one occasion.

Or, you could get together with other families and make a day of it.

  • A few families could get together for a fun day of baking.
  • “Many hands make light work.” It also makes it more fun!

We are looking forward to seeing what the Lord will do in Olympia this year. Please consider being a part of this event. We appreciate your time and consideration in making this happen. You have already been a blessing. Thank you for your support! 


The Apple Pie Team

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