2017 Noah Conference

This Fall, take your Family on a Splendid Oceanside Vacation!

2017 Noah Conference - October 20-21, 2017

Ocean Shores, WA

Based on lessons from the life of Noah, the Noah Conference will prepare you to engage your kids, disciple them in an ungodly generation, and launch them into life as faithful ambassadors of Jesus Christ.

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Why Attend the Noah Conference? 

  • ENGAGE - Are you having a hard time connecting with your kids?

You, like Noah, are competing against a thousand corrupt voices. So how can you get engaged in your children’s lives so they hear your voice through the din calling, “Follow me as I follow Christ”? You might not start Noah and Sons, Arkbuilders Inc, but you will have to find a way to involve your kids in your life, work and ministry.

The Noah Conference will equip you with achievable ways to engage with your kids on a new level so when it’s time to get on the ark…they’re already on-board!

  • DISCIPLE - How did Noah get his kids to follow him into the Ark?

… especially when everyone said there was no flood to fear. After all, it hadn’t rained for a very long time – like, never before. Like Noah’s sons, your children must also follow you into an ark to be saved – the ark that is Jesus Christ. Struggling to communicate the call of the Gospel in the face of an enticing me-centered, entertainment-saturated, and peer-dominated culture?

The Noah Conference will help you get back to the basics of what it means to disciple your children in the Gospel of Jesus Christ...the only life-boat that will stand the storm!

  • LAUNCH - Are your kids ready to launch from the Ark?

Noah’s sons were drawn out of the world into an ark, and then launched from the ark back into the world to replenish and subdue it.  When your kids launch into life, will they be prepared with the conviction, character and competence required to be faithful ambassadors of Jesus Christ?  Answering the most practical questions of life calling, career preparation, and finding good opportunities is essential!

The LifeLaunch track at the Noah Conference will prepare your kids to launch into life...with a clear vision for the future!


You won't want to miss this this exciting lineup of dynamic speakers, dozens of practical workshops and interactive panel discussions!


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