2017 Annual Conference: Keynote and Featured Speakers


Dr. Tedd & Margy Tripp

Tedd is the author of Shepherding a Child’s Heart, Shepherding a Child’s Heart Parent’s Handbook, and co-author with his wife, Margy, of Instructing a Child’s Heart. Tedd ministers as a conference speaker and presenter of Shepherding a Child’s Heart Seminars. His books, video materials, and audio materials are used throughout the world. Tedd and Margy have three adult children and nine grandchildren. Over the years, Margy has developed a ministry of counseling materials and studies for educators, ladies, and children.

Tedd - Keynotes

  • What is a Family?
    The Christian family is a theological learning center where God’s glory is displayed. It is a sociological learning center where children learn living with and loving others. It is a redemptive learning center where parents stand together with children as people who sin, are sinned against, and must experience the grace of redemption working within.
  • Getting to the Heart of Family Life
    I will examine the biblical teaching that the heart is the well-spring of behavior, from Proverbs 4:23: “Above all else guard your heart, for it is the well-spring of life.”
  • Tedd - Workshops

    • The Call to Formative Instruction, Deut 6
      Formative instruction provides children with biblical ways of thinking. It is the process of instruction enabling children to root all of life in God's revelation in the Bible. Formative instruction is not focused on correcting something that went wrong, but on biblical ways of interpreting and responding to life.
    • Corrective Discipline
      Corrective discipline responds to children when something goes wrong. Using the sowing and reaping principle of Galatians 6, we learn to shape consequences not to control behavior, but to underscore the enduring truth of the Word of God. Proverbs provides patterns for godly communication to bring this life-engaging truth to our children.
    • Living Joyfully under Authority: Ages 0-5
      The early years in life help kids understand that they are designed to live under authority. God places them in a family with parents possessing wisdom, maturity, and life experience. Our task is to help them see that God, who is good and kind, promises wonderful blessings for children who learn to honor and obey Mom and Dad.
    • Understanding and Identifying Attitudes of Heart: Ages 6-12
      The Bible teaches that the heart strays long before behavior strays. We can teach our children the heart attitudes that lie behind common behavior problems and help them understand ways that their straying hearts show a profound need for the forgiveness, grace, and empowerment of the gospel.

Margy - Workshops

  • Consequences: The Sowing and Reaping Principle of Scripture
    The sowing and reaping principle in Scripture shows God's plan for consequences in the discipline process—to “get our attention” concerning spiritual danger and our spiritual direction. God’s purposes for consequences are a model for godly parenting. Find out important steps to teach your children and underscore the importance of God's ways.
  • Everyday Struggles with Sin
    Mark 7:21-23 tells us sin comes from the heart. God’s Word teaches us about our hearts; why we sin. Knowing the difference between WHEN we sin (circumstances) and WHAT we do as a result (behavior) is important, but we need to know WHY we sin (root issues) to engage in spiritual battle effectively. God mercifully brings rescue.
  • A Biblical View of Manners
    There has been a rejection of etiquette in our culture. Why? What happened? We want to live in ways that show what it means to: "in love prefer others before yourself.” The Bible defines “manners” and makes practical application for our daily lives through conviction to our hearts, instruction to redeem our habits of life, and hope for change.
  • A Biblical View of Modesty
    When “modesty” comes up, everyone immediately thinks of clothing styles. But biblical modesty is so much more than dress, or lack of it! In fact, true biblical modesty is deeply spiritual. What we wear simply reflects what we believe about God, ourselves, and a score of other life issues. That, in turn, is reflected in what we say and do.
  • Tedd & Margy - Special Luncheon

    • Pastors’ and Wives’ Luncheon: Pastor to Pastors
      Pastors who registered before the conference are welcome to this special luncheon and workshop. The Tripps share encouragement from their journey ministering for many years as a couple in the local church. They candidly share victories, failures, pitfalls, and cautions. Take the opportunity for advice about your unique situation during Q&A time.

Emeal (E.Z) Zwayne

Emeal (E.Z.) Zwayne is President of Living Waters Publications. After his conversion to Christ, education in Biblical Studies and Theology, and pastoral ordination, he served as an Associate Pastor. Now, he teaches throughout the world, sharing with all ages. E.Z. is Executive Producer of The Atheist Delusion,“180,” and Evolution vs. God movies as well as The Way of the Master TV program featuring Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron. A featured speaker at conferences, churches, and learning institutions, E.Z. and his wife, Rachel, homeschool their five children.

Family Night Keynote

    • Shepherding Children to Live in an Apostate Culture
      As our families are bombarded with the wickedness of this world, how do we shepherd our children so they will be blameless and harmless in the midst
      of a crooked and perverse nation? Join E.Z. as he answers this question from Scripture.
    • Keynote

    • The Ultimate Goal of Education
      Could education wars exist not because of differences in strategy, but because of differences in goals? Education is not to create prosperous people, but to equip citizens of heaven. Explore the call to Christian parents not to raise children who make their way in the world, but who make war on the world, live godly lives, and who seek first the kingdom of God.
    • Workshops

    • Sheep Without a Shepherd
      How are we to respond to those who are living lives of debauchery—be it our neighbors, friends, family, or
      unexpected encounters? Using Jesus as our example, E.Z. will answer this challenging question.
    • Solomon's Compromise
      A beautiful start can end with a tragic end. Why? Listen to E.Z. as he explains how even “small” sinful “habits are like stones, rolling down a hill; the further they roll, the faster and more ungovernable is their course.” (J.C. Ryle)
    • Special Breakfast

    • Fatherhood At Its Best
      Practical ways to become the dynamic father God has called men to be


Dr. Jobe & Jenna Dee Martin

When graduating from dental school, Jobe joined the Air Force as dentist for the presidential flight crew of Air Force One. Then he established a dental practice at NASA in Texas. He began teaching at the Baylor College of Dentistry, then enrolled in seminary and founded Biblical Discipleship Ministries. His wife, Jenna Dee, a retired Registered Nurse, ministers to ladies’ groups and counsels women. Their daughters, Taryn and Mirren, work with their parents.


  • Discovering the Wonders of Alaskan Creatures
  • Mutualism and Symbiosis: Astounding Evidence for Special Creation
  • A Dentist Looks at the Marvels of the Mouth
  • Amazing Animals and Attributes of the Amazon
  • Steps to Biblically Fulfill Your Role in the Ministry of Correction and Confrontation
  • Confronting the New Age Movement

Jenna Dee

  • Moms: Finishing the Homeschool Race Strong!

Dr. Lainna Callentine

Lainna is a physician, homeschool mom, instructor, speaker, and founder of Sciexperience. As a pediatrician with a Master in Education, and a M.D. from the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine, she practices at a Christian clinic in the Chicago suburbs that cares for the uninsured, and is author of a new hands-on series on the human body called God’s Wondrous Machine.

  • The Breathtaking Respiratory System
  • The Eyes: A Window to the Soul
  • The Electrifying Nervous System
  • Biology, The Final Voyage: Teaching High School Biology and its challenges
  • Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

David Rasmussen

David Rasmussen is a cinematographer specializing in shooting documentary films. His work for National Geographic Television, Discovery Channel, the BBC and many other production companies takes him on assignment to many countries around the world and has taken him to the top of Mount Everest. David and his wife have homeschooled their three sons and live in Whitefish, Montana.

  • The Adventures of a Cinematographer
  • International Fatherhood