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CH OnAir Broadcast: Young Men: Their Pursuits in Employment & Business

CH OnAir 2014 Womens Panel final b
Are you looking for a way to rally your young men to action? This free CH OnAir broadcast presents ideas and motivation from the experiences of young men who purposely sought to use their God-given skills and abilities in the area of employment and business. Listen as we interview a panel of young men on how they maximized time and opportunities to prepare financially for their future.


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De-Cluttering: The First Steps to Organization

My husband Bob and I had an experience that transformed our ability to de-clutter our home effectively.  We have always been strong advocates of trying to clean out things we no longer need, especially since we’ve always lived in small homes and we’ve desired all the space we could get.  But when we put our house on the market for sale a few years ago, we became what we thought were temporary extreme de-clutterers (yes, I made up that word) through the use of a rental storage unit; but this actually transformed us into master de-clutterers!  *chuckle*  Our home needed to look and be more spacious. And by de-cluttering, well, one can literally double the amount of space in a home. You’ll have more space for the children to play in, more space for homeschooling, more space for relaxation, more space for company, more space for more children – more space to live in!  I’d like to share the following with you:

  • Strategies and methods for de-cluttering
  • How to be careful with others in your family as you develop plans for de-cluttering and organizing your home

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October 8, 2013
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Recording Family Life with Good Photographs


Photography is the art of capturing something fleeting; holding that which cannot be held; moments made still. Good photographs are hardly about the technical side of photography. The technicalities are secondary when it comes to taking good photos, because you aren’t just taking photos--you are capturing life!

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Your main goal is to be on the lookout for capturing moments. Anyone can take photos, but if you miss the moment, you missed the good photograph. (more…)

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