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“Therefore, my beloved brothers…


Have you felt the growing tension this year?

Truth is no longer accepted as truth. History is being revised. Foundational freedoms and protections now stand in question...

Even attending church safely can no longer be taken for granted!

The war between good and evil is being waged everywhere, yet for those of us who know and trust the Lord, 1 Corinthians 15:58 sets our focus,

“…stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.”

It is a great blessing to labor in the Lord with you! Your partnership with us at Christian Heritage is critical in building a strong upcoming generation.


We’re excited to tell you that a Puget Sound family has graciously offered a matching gift so that donations received from now to the end of the year can be DOUBLED up to $10,000!


If your Christian Heritage Annual Report hasn't arrived, you should be receiving it soon! But in case you're not on our mailing list, we've attached an important part of it for you to see now!


We hope as you read, you’ll be encouraged and...

  • See the impact of your faithfulness in the faces of our youth!
  • Learn how your partnership will allow us to keep resources available to strengthen families!
  • Help others as they endeavor to disciple and home educate their children!


Please prayerfully consider making a Partnership Donation at one of these giving levels:

  • FamilyPartner
  • FoundingFamily
  • HeritageKeeper
  • GenerationBuilder
  • Christian Heritage Sentinel Monthly Giving Partner


Any amount you can give will be a blessing to other like-minded families, so please give as God leads! ...and remember ALL GIFTS WILL BE DOUBLED IF RECEIVED BY DEC 31st!


We pray you have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!


Click the annual report below to read many other ways the Lord has been praised and families have been strengthened!  


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Thank you for loving others well!

Laboring together makes the difference!

Nurturing, training and developing a culture of love and service in your family – pointing each relationship, each individual heart to Jesus – is no easy task.

That’s why gathering together is so important!  And why we at Christian Heritage work hard to provide meaningful events and resources...

  • To enjoy fellowship with other families.
  • To gain tools and encouragement that will strengthen you in your calling.
  • And, to help you feel inspired that what you’re doing is important, worthwhile and has a much higher purpose than you can ever imagine.


We love our Christian Heritage community! Just listen to one new person’s experience at a Regional Homeschool Kick Off Picnic…


“My heart is full, today I went to a homeschool picnic not knowing ANYONE and I left that place feeling so refreshed. It’s so amazing how true God’s word is when he advises us to gather with those of the same spirit. Watching all the children roam free and playing till dark and women gathering together to talk about the Lord and not about things that are meaningless. That was so refreshing! Most mamas had 6+ blessings and I just loved the peace that they carried. I learned so much not only about homeschooling but how beautiful it is to gather with those who know God’s word and live it.” – a first year homeschooling parent


Your love for Jesus shines brightly!


Click the annual report below to read many other ways the Lord has been praised and families have been strengthened!  


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Strengthening Families in Washington!

It is a privilege to serve families like yours who are committed to discipleship and home-education!

Our highest vision is to help parents like you raise up the next generation of godly men and women who will faithfully follow Christ as a light in an increasingly dark world.

Just look at what we have been able to accomplish together...

Our First Marriage Retreat where 60 young married husbands and wives learned key truths for building their marriages on the foundation of the gospel!

“Excellent! Scripture focused, edifying and convicting to love my wife as Christ loves the church. Thank you – my wife and I need this badly!

“I can’t wait to get home and respect my husband better!”

“It’s so important to lay a good foundation!”

“We are so thankful!”

“Thank you for making this possible for us!”

“If held again we would be back and recruit other newly married couples to join us.”

Find out more about our next Marriage Retreat in Leavenworth, Washington!

Learn More Here!

Our Annual Spring Conference where hundreds of families met to be refreshed, encouraged and equipped with Biblical home education and discipleship tools!

“Thank you so much! This is exactly what I’ve been needing…I cannot tell you! Bless you!” 

Raising Boys and Girls, Conference Workshop by Paul Washer:

“Thank you for speaking words of inspiration and high biblical expectations for women. Rare to have balanced, true, beautiful teaching on the value and role of women. I’m going to share the CD of this talk with several friends. Thank you!”

Call to Arms…Courageous Fatherhood, Conference Workshop by Chuck Black

“You have challenged me!”

No Compromise, Conference Workshop by Paul Taylor

“We loved your presentation! My 11 and 13 year-old boys enjoyed it very much!”

Pastors’ Wives’ Luncheon with Mary Beeke

“It was wonderful to meet other wives, and hear the wisdom of the speaker and panel…helped me so much! Thank you, I feel free!”

Our Home School Start to Finish Onsite Seminar

Two full days filled with wisdom and practical help for homeschooling families!  

14 People attended and one family was represented by 3 generations!

What a blessing! 

Online Seminar & Parent Qualifying Courses are Available 24/7

Learn More Here!

YOUR Partnership Makes these Ministry Events Possible! THANK YOU!



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Our Mission to Help You PRESS ON!

“I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” - Phil 3:14 (ESV)




We know you are striving to be a role model of integrity at home, in your community and at work.

We know you're diligently providing for the needs of your family.

We know you're investing countless hours to prepare discipleship and homeschool lessons that not only prepare your sons and daughters for their future roles as husbands, fathers, wives, mothers – you’re pointing them to Jesus and teaching them that He is everything!

We see your hard work – and we at Christian Heritage are here to encourage you, inspire you and strengthen your resolve with timely and meaningful events, tools and resources!

Your partnership means the world to us and we want to show you the impact we are making together in families just like yours!



How will we, at Christian Heritage, press on toward the upward call of God?


By actively seeking ways to join in what God is doing in the Christian homeschooling community and continuing to reach out to more Christian parents helping them to recognize their calling to train up their children in the way they should go!

By providing meaningful resources to support fathers actively leading their families in worship, discipleship and the home education process, encouraging and inspiring mothers to successfully get started and keep going throughout their homeschooling journey and ministering to the specific needs of our precious homeschooled children and young adults.

We are committed to helping YOU raise up the next Christ-exalting, God-glorifying generation!


May God bless you as you diligently pass on a vibrant Christian Heritage to your children and grandchildren!

Thank you for allowing us, your Christian Heritage Board of Directors, to serve you and your family!

For God’s Glory,

Bryan and Anabel Elliot

Neil and Mary Craig

Michael and Susan Bradrick

Pastor Tim and Ruth Roth

Tim and Gina Booy


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CH OnAir Broadcast: Returning to the “Why” when you get stuck in the “What,” with Dwight Cover


Dear Friends,

It was Saturday morning of the Family Relationships & Parenting Conference in Ocean Shores, WA, and I had just sat down to listen to Pastor Dwight Cover’s keynote session, “Why Your Family Matters in the Advance of God’s Kingdom.”

In a matter of minutes into Dwight’s talk, I jumped out of my chair, walked over to my producer for Christian Heritage OnAir, Danny Craig, and said, ”We have to have this guy on the program!”

I could tell Dwight was passionate about the family, but what stood out to me even more was his passing comment about how he and his wife had lost their way – after 20 years of homeschooling! They got disconnected from the “WHY” and had started to drop the ball on the “WHAT”.

Now I could relate to that!

If you can too, please listen in to this next episode of Christian Heritage OnAir as Pastor and homeschooling father, Dwight Cover, shares his testimony of returning to the “Why” when he got stuck in the “What.” Listen in for six reasons we must keep the “Why” in view and the transformation we can experience when we do.

“See” you there!

Dr. Thomas Lamar
Host, Christian Heritage OnAir


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The 2014 Family Relationships & Parenting Conference in 2 Minutes!

Dr. Thomas Lamar, of Christian Heritage OnAir goes “Man on the Street” with attendees and speakers at the 2014 Family Relationships & Parenting Conference. Here is a 2-minute review of our wonderful weekend together!



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CH OnAir Broadcast: How to Raise God-Worshipping Children, with Dr. Joel Beeke

Beeke Broadcast

Many parents begin the Homeschool Journey motivated by a strong desire to nurture a deep and enduring love for God in their children. Over time, they realize that passing on their faith requires something more than simply schooling them at home.

So how do you pass on your deepest convictions to your children in such a way that they learn to worship God on their own? How do you daily bring them to Christ – fully realizing that He, alone, can save them? On September 9 at 7pm, Joel Beeke will join us live to present the familiar biblical pattern of daily discipleship – but in a fresh and winsome way. Tune in to hear the heartfelt testimony of a man whose life was transformed by parents who understood how to raise God-worshiping children.


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Attendee Excitement at the 2013 Family Economics and Mentorship Conference

Dr. Thomas Lamar, of Christian Heritage OnAir goes “Man on the Street” with the attendees at the 2013 Family Economics and Mentorship Conference. Here is a mix-down of attendee feedback!



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