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Continuing the Conversation with Linda Lacour Hobar

Linda Lacour Hobar

Linda, author of The Mystery of History, is a follower of Christ, a genuine people-person, and a fan of comfortable high-heels. Through homeschooling and missionary service, she discovered a deep love for world history and a clear call to write. In its sixteenth year of worldwide circulation, The Mystery of History has been well received by all ages for its warmth and readability. Linda lives in Tennessee where she continues to obsess over matters big and small.


Modern History that Shook the World!
Want to understand today’s headlines? Planning to teach modern history? Then join Linda to recount world-shaking events from the 20th century to present day, with a biblical worldview. Vivid snapshots of the Cold War, formation of Israel, war in Korea, collapse of the Soviet Union, and more,reveal the past so students and teachers can understand clearly and better prepare for the future!
What ‘tweens and Teens Should Know about WWI
From trenches and truces on the Western Front to famous flying aces in the sky, Linda walks you through a “5-4-3-2-1 Countdown” of what ‘tweens and teens should know about World War I along with unforgettable stories to make it inspiring!
When Bible History and World History Meet Face to Face
Looking for inspiration in your study of ancient times? With Linda, discover what happens when Bible and world history meet face to face—literally! With a look at Daniel and Belshazzar, Esther and Xerxes, Jesus and Pilate, and more, see Bible characters and world history figures “meet” on one seamless thought-provoking timeline. Through stories and activities for all ages, let His story be revealed.
Mary and Martha Decide to Homeschool–A Workshop for Mary’s Only!
If Mary and Martha were to homeschool, Martha might have her plans in place (but be frustrated), and Mary might be at the feet of Jesus (but behind schedule.) We relate to Mary and Martha, but this workshop is for those, like Mary, who love the Lord but need help and structure to homeschool. Linda, a self-proclaimed Mary,managed to homeschool for seventeen years, and still likes to talk about it!
To Grade or Not to Grade: A Practical Workshop on Homeschool Grades
Shaped by our personality types, grades have the power to motivate some and destroy others. Linda shares grading theories, as well as practical tips to make keeping grades simple. With Linda’s “real life” examples from the work of her own children, be encouraged—newbies and veterans alike!

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Critical Skills Your Child Needs to be Successful by Jonathan Brush

Yes, there’s a whole bunch of complicated academics that needs to be done before graduation!

Bad news: Most of the actual “stuff” your child learns they will never use. I haven’t used algebra since my final exam on the subject in college  (sophomore year).

Good news: If you teach your child that academic stuff and in the process teach them how to manage their time, manage their tasks, use their creativity, and solve problems it really doesn’t matter what their grades are, they will have the core skills they need to be successful.

If you manage to teach them responsibility and how to build great relationships as well they are going to be successful and make a difference in the world. Make sure that no matter what you’re teaching, you’re teaching that stuff.

The rest is just details.

Jonathan Brush

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Standing on the Solid Rock: How to Radically Transform Your Family Through Family Bible Study by Jonathan Brush

Giving this session reminded me of how important daily family Bible study is – and how that habit had really slipped in our house the last few months.

I came home with that reminder and tried to really focus on regaining some of the consistency that we used to have in doing this.

We’re in the Gospel of John right now. I haven’t had a perfect record since the conference, but I’m doing a lot better than I was before!

Just a few days after my return the passage I read aloud sparked a family conversation that lasted more than an hour. Once again I was reminded of how God works through His Word, despite my often imperfect efforts.

Jonathan Brush

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The Importance of Finding, Building and Keeping Great Relationships by Jonathan Brush

The weekend after the Christian Heritage Conference...

...I did a series of five sessions on this topic at a student event. The conversations at that event really reminded me of this fact: Figuring out relationship basics is a major challenge for a lot of people in our time, especially young people. I was also reminded that the relationship challenges come in an infinite variety, just like people. There is no magic advice or instructions that will solve all relationships issues.

I’m convinced that the solution is to focus on the basics: The foundational principles that are true no matter what. If you understand those then you have a real head start on figuring out the details for your specific situation.

In this session at the Christian Heritage Conference I suggested that there is a foundational principle that relationships follow this formula: TVC/T+E = Great Relationships. Trust, Values, Commitment over Time and Experiences = Great Relationships.

Every good relationship is built on trust (often earned through transparency), similar values (often based on a shared vision), and commitment (often built through good communication).

When these things are built and tested over time and shared experience the result is great relationships.

Jonathan Brush

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Continuing the Conversation with Sonya Shafer

Sonya Shafer

A homeschool speaker and writer specializing in the Charlotte Mason Method, Sonya has been studying, practicing, and teaching Charlotte’s gentle methods of education for twenty years. Her passion for homeschooling four daughters grew into helping others. To minister to younger mothers and those dealing with special needs, Sonya wrote This Anguishing Blessed Journey: A Mother’s Faith Journal through Autism.

Watch as Sonya offers simple instruction for adding art appreciation to your homeschool lessons...

Fine Arts the Charlotte Mason Way
You don’t have to have a music degree or be an art aficionado to teach fine arts to your children. In this hands-on presentation, you’ll discover an easy yet effective way to give your children music and art appreciation that will enrich their lives and yours! Sonya shares practical ways to study music, composers, and artists. Learn a simple method that takes just ten minutes once a week!

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Keep It Simple: How to Teach Your Whole Family Together
Save time and money by teaching most school subjects to all of your students together. Sonja shares strategies to lower your stress level, provide a well-rounded education, and help you build sweet memories. Learn how to do school subjects together and which subjects are best done one-on-one. Take a sample schedule to get started. Teach your whole family together with Charlotte Mason methods!


Teach from a Flowing Stream, not a Stagnant Pool
A drink from a vibrant, flowing stream is much more refreshing than one from a scummy, stagnant pool! Sonya encourages you to breathe vivacity back into your personal life—for your children’s benefit as well as your own. Discover a practical flexible way to rejuvenate your weekly schedule to help you embrace living, not settle for surviving.
When More Is Less: A Call to Simplicity in Your Schedule, Your Home, and Your Children's Education
It’s easy to get caught up in the mentality that we’ve got to add more: we must do more, we must get more, and our children must study more. More, more, more! But the funny thing is that when we keep adding more, we usually end up with less of what really matters. Come discover the richness that simplicity can bring to your schedule, your home, and your children’s education.

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Continuing the Conversation with Connie Albers

Connie Albers

Offering great insight and encouragement to our homeschooling families at the Annual Spring Conference this year, Connie has created a video to give you a few more tips, tools and inspiring helps as you begin to implement some of her strategies for home educating your children!

With more than twenty-five years in homeschooling as a wife, mother of five, mom-preneur, and inspirational leader, Connie has expertise and personal understanding of the challenges of balancing life, learning, and love of family. Connie is the proud mother of five University of Central Florida Knights, all of whom earned scholarships and graduated debt free. Connie is a speaker, author, and owner of

Workshop topics Connie will touch on...

What If I Ruin My Child?
Have you wondered if homeschooling would ruin your child? If you answered yes, then take comfort; youare not alone. We all struggle at some point. After all, homeschooling is “on the job”training. When Connie started homeschooling twenty-five years ago, that is what she thought as well. Parents, come learn truths from a mom who knows you are not ruining your child.
Building Sibling Friendships
Will my children be friends when they grow-up? Connie wanted her five children to love each other, but then all they did was fight and argue! Sound familiar? Connie helped her children buildlifelong friendships with each other during her homeschool journey and you can too. She believes homeschooling is the perfect environment for teaching children how to love each other.
Help for Mom-preneurs
The rise of Mom-preneurs exposes a need for moms to find balance between homeschooling, career, and family while generating income. There are effective ways to delegate, set realistic goals, and seek work to fit a homeschooling lifestyle. Glean insights from a mom who has lost the battle many times, but her resilient spirit and desire to finish well can help you in your journey.
Starving the Fear
I can’t do this! How can I teach my child when I don’t know Phonics or Physics? Has this thought run through your mind? Connie knows all too well the anxiety surrounding homeschooling. After twenty-one years of teaching her five children, she proclaims you don’t need a degree; you need determination and discernment, and consistent devotions. Find out three truths tostarve the fears and finish well.
Remaining Steadfast During High School
It’s hard to stay the course during the high school years. Everything is changing: the rules, the requirements, and the relationship. Your teen is changing too. So why is staying the course a crucial goal of your homeschooling journey, even though the rules aren’t working anymore? Well, teens need you to be a steady force in their life. This time can be the most rewarding of your parenting journey.

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Rock Identification Made Easy, by Patrick Nurre

So many of you who attended this workshop told me how much your kids love rocks.

All the kids who attended this session definitely bore that out!

And if your kids love rocks, what a great teachable moment!

I would encourage you to take the principles that I gave you and get out in the dirt and discover the amazing stories that are written in our rocks. They tell us of what has happened to our earth, and direct us right back to the Bible to understand why we see such catastrophe in our world.

So with that, happy rockhounding!

Patrick Nurre

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Has Radiometric Dating Poisoned Your Faith? by Patrick Nurre

Thank you to all of you who attended my session!

Radiometric dating can be a tough topic to handle, but with just a few pointers, you will see that you do not have to give in in this area of apologetics. The Bible needs to be, first and foremost, our guide in all things. Once you understand the assumptions that surround radiometric dating, it removes the cloud that can easily envelop us in doubt about the Lord and His Word.

So, just a brief summary....

Radioactivity is science. Radiometric dating is not.

The four faulty assumptions that are made about radiometric dating (from which long earth ages are derived):

  1. The original amount of parent element is known.
  2. The decay rate through the years has remained the same.
  3. The daughter element present in the rock is due to the decay of the parent element.
  4. No parent or daughter elements have leached in or out of the rock.

Removing these assumptions from the equation opens up a whole new realm of possible thinking as regards the age of the earth. The Flood becomes the great interrupter in time, and the reason that our world looks as it does.

I hope this helps you in your walk with the Lord, and that you will see that you can absolutely take Him at His word!

Patrick Nurre

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“Therefore, my beloved brothers…


Have you felt the growing tension this year?

Truth is no longer accepted as truth. History is being revised. Foundational freedoms and protections now stand in question...

Even attending church safely can no longer be taken for granted!

The war between good and evil is being waged everywhere, yet for those of us who know and trust the Lord, 1 Corinthians 15:58 sets our focus,

“…stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.”

It is a great blessing to labor in the Lord with you! Your partnership with us at Christian Heritage is critical in building a strong upcoming generation.


We’re excited to tell you that a Puget Sound family has graciously offered a matching gift so that donations received from now to the end of the year can be DOUBLED up to $10,000!


If your Christian Heritage Annual Report hasn't arrived, you should be receiving it soon! But in case you're not on our mailing list, we've attached an important part of it for you to see now!


We hope as you read, you’ll be encouraged and...

  • See the impact of your faithfulness in the faces of our youth!
  • Learn how your partnership will allow us to keep resources available to strengthen families!
  • Help others as they endeavor to disciple and home educate their children!


Please prayerfully consider making a Partnership Donation at one of these giving levels:

  • FamilyPartner
  • FoundingFamily
  • HeritageKeeper
  • GenerationBuilder
  • Christian Heritage Sentinel Monthly Giving Partner


Any amount you can give will be a blessing to other like-minded families, so please give as God leads! ...and remember ALL GIFTS WILL BE DOUBLED IF RECEIVED BY DEC 31st!


We pray you have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!


Click the annual report below to read many other ways the Lord has been praised and families have been strengthened!  


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Thank you for loving others well!

Laboring together makes the difference!

Nurturing, training and developing a culture of love and service in your family – pointing each relationship, each individual heart to Jesus – is no easy task.

That’s why gathering together is so important!  And why we at Christian Heritage work hard to provide meaningful events and resources...

  • To enjoy fellowship with other families.
  • To gain tools and encouragement that will strengthen you in your calling.
  • And, to help you feel inspired that what you’re doing is important, worthwhile and has a much higher purpose than you can ever imagine.


We love our Christian Heritage community! Just listen to one new person’s experience at a Regional Homeschool Kick Off Picnic…


“My heart is full, today I went to a homeschool picnic not knowing ANYONE and I left that place feeling so refreshed. It’s so amazing how true God’s word is when he advises us to gather with those of the same spirit. Watching all the children roam free and playing till dark and women gathering together to talk about the Lord and not about things that are meaningless. That was so refreshing! Most mamas had 6+ blessings and I just loved the peace that they carried. I learned so much not only about homeschooling but how beautiful it is to gather with those who know God’s word and live it.” – a first year homeschooling parent


Your love for Jesus shines brightly!


Click the annual report below to read many other ways the Lord has been praised and families have been strengthened!  


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Everyday Struggles with Sin, Margy Tripp

"Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need."  

Hebrews 4:16

It's those everyday sins of the moment. I didn't get up planning to be impatient, or angry, or petty, or jealous, or unbelieving, or lying, or anxious, or driven to control people. The temptations arise in the heat of the moment. These are considered low-grade sins - like a low-grade fever - nothing to get alarmed about.

But these low-grade sins are our spiritual enemies. They rob us of joy and a sense of God’s presence with us. They sap our spiritual vitality and sully our testimony before our family and co-workers.

The solution to everyday struggles with sin is not changing behavior! The solution to everyday struggles with sin is a changed heart. Repentance is the only route to a changed heart. James 4:7 to 10 gives us the process for repentance. Contemplate these ten elements of repentance. They are the foundation for restoration. God RESTORES those who repent!

God has made generous provision for our everyday struggles with sin.

The Holy Spirit, saving grace through Christ’s perfect life, death and resurrection, the Scriptures, and prayer are resources to combat everyday struggles with sin.

We may claim the promise of I Corinthians 10:13, No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.

“The way out” is one of the greatest blessings we enjoy as a result of Christ’s work, described in Hebrews 4:16  Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.

Take your “everyday struggles with sin” to the throne of grace as the day begins. Don’t wait until the enemy is in your face. God is faithful. He will deliver when we cry out, but His purpose is that we put on his armor (Galatians 6), that we prepare our minds for action (1 Peter 1:13).

Margy Tripp

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Getting to the Heart of Family Life, Dr. Tedd Tripp

"Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life."  

Proverbs 4:23

Every drive for meaning and significance originates in the heart. For both us and our children, the heart, with its passions and desires, sets the course of life.

All the problems of living that plague family life have their origin in the heart.

Jesus says, "What comes out of a man is what makes him 'unclean.' For from within, out of men's hearts, come evil thoughts, sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery, greed, malice, deceit, lewdness, envy, slander, arrogance and folly. All these evils come from inside and make a man 'unclean.' "  - Mark 7:20-23

Understanding that all of our problems have their origin in the heart is foundational for family life. The things we give our hearts to drive our choices.

The temptation, when things have gone wrong, is to correct behavior. We instinctively see behavior as the problem. That’s because we see behavior. We hear behavior. Behavior requires a response. Once we have made behavior the focus in correction and discipline, we open ourselves up to all the tricks and tools parents use to manage behavior.

When we head down the behavior management road, two things happen:

We miss the heart. When we forget that the heart is the wellspring of behavior, we fail to help ourselves and our kids identify the heart issues behind our sinful responses.

We also miss the gospel, because behaviorism by-passes the heart. Behaviorism focuses on behavior rather than the desires, fears, idols or passions of the heart.

If we remember that behavior mirrors the heart, then the route to lasting change for both our children and ourselves is the grace and power of the gospel.

One of the promises of the gospel is removing our stony hearts and giving us hearts of flesh – hearts that love God and others.

Blessings to you and your family,
Dr. Tedd Tripp

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