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CLICK HERE to watch the Noah Conference video

2017 Noah Conference - October 20-21

Ocean Shores, WA

The Noah Conference will help you get back to the basics of what it means to disciple your children in the Gospel of Jesus Christ...the only life-boat that will stand the storm!

Family Tickets - $149

Individual Tickets - $55

HURRY!  This conference is expected to SELL OUT FAST!

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November 22, 2016

Support Homeschool Families while You Shop for Christmas!


Support us when you do your Christmas shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. #StartWithaSmile at and Amazon will donate to Christian Heritage Home Educators of Washington!

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CH OnAir Broadcast: Heart Commitment – Training Our Kids to Believe and Think Like Christians, with Carl Kerby

Why is it important to train our kids to not only believe like Christians, but to THINK like Christians? Join us as we interview Christian speaker and apologist, Carl Kerby as he shares how to teach kids not just what to believe, but why to believe it.


Carl will share methods on how to teach our children how to think about objections to their faith, without using canned/pat answers. We’ll cover the components of critically thinking like a Christian and standing on the authority of God's word and talk about how to weave this training into daily life.


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CH OnAir Broadcast: Thanksters or Cranksters: How to Cultivate Hearts of Gratitude, with Rachel Jankovic


As any parent of little children knows, being in the car can be quite the challenge. The opportunities for infighting between siblings are all the more available due to the close quarters. In this broadcast, Rachel Jankovic will share the system her family uses. It’s called “Thanksters or Cranksters.”

Helping small children focus on the things they do have, rather than the things they don’t, encourages hearts of gratitude and comes with the benefit of reducing fussiness. It even works on adults!


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CH OnAir Broadcast: Young Men: Their Pursuits in Employment & Business

CH OnAir 2014 Womens Panel final b
Are you looking for a way to rally your young men to action? This free CH OnAir broadcast presents ideas and motivation from the experiences of young men who purposely sought to use their God-given skills and abilities in the area of employment and business. Listen as we interview a panel of young men on how they maximized time and opportunities to prepare financially for their future.


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CH OnAir Broadcast: Returning to the “Why” when you get stuck in the “What,” with Dwight Cover


Dear Friends,

It was Saturday morning of the Family Relationships & Parenting Conference in Ocean Shores, WA, and I had just sat down to listen to Pastor Dwight Cover’s keynote session, “Why Your Family Matters in the Advance of God’s Kingdom.”

In a matter of minutes into Dwight’s talk, I jumped out of my chair, walked over to my producer for Christian Heritage OnAir, Danny Craig, and said, ”We have to have this guy on the program!”

I could tell Dwight was passionate about the family, but what stood out to me even more was his passing comment about how he and his wife had lost their way – after 20 years of homeschooling! They got disconnected from the “WHY” and had started to drop the ball on the “WHAT”.

Now I could relate to that!

If you can too, please listen in to this next episode of Christian Heritage OnAir as Pastor and homeschooling father, Dwight Cover, shares his testimony of returning to the “Why” when he got stuck in the “What.” Listen in for six reasons we must keep the “Why” in view and the transformation we can experience when we do.

“See” you there!

Dr. Thomas Lamar
Host, Christian Heritage OnAir


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The 2014 Family Relationships & Parenting Conference in 2 Minutes!

Dr. Thomas Lamar, of Christian Heritage OnAir goes “Man on the Street” with attendees and speakers at the 2014 Family Relationships & Parenting Conference. Here is a 2-minute review of our wonderful weekend together!



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August 21, 2014

It’s a Picnic!

game Several years ago our family went to our first Christian Heritage Kick-Off Picnic.  It was such a revitalizing event that we wondered why in the world we had never made the time to attend before!

girls Fellow homeschoolers we had never met before became friends.  Acquaintances became relationships, and old friends brought rich fellowship and encouraging conversation!


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August 7, 2014

Now Hiring: Marketing Director

We are searching for a well qualified and committed individual to fill the position of Marketing Director for Christian Heritage.

The purpose of this paid position is to provide visionary, innovative and strategic direction to all Christian Heritage marketing & publicity.

We believe this position is essential to expanding the reach and impact of Christian Heritage as we seek to promote home-based discipleship and education that is parent-directed and Christ-centered to the glory of God.

If you would be interested in considering and applying for this position, we invite you to review the Job Description and Application at the links below:

Job Description


We also invite you to pass this information on to anyone else you think might be a good fit for this position. And please pray that God would direct us to just the right person!

Anyone interested in this position should submit their application right away. We plan to hire ASAP.

Please submit applications by mail or e-mail to:

Daniel Craig
Christian Heritage Administrative Director

Mailing Address:

11716 S. Player Drive
Spokane, WA 99223

Email Address:

For questions e-mail or call: 509.944.0171

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CH OnAir Broadcast: Young Ladies: Pursuing Life’s Opportunities

CH OnAir 2014 Womens Panel final b
What's an unmarried young lady to do? How can young ladies maximize their time at home? Listen to this engaging Christian Heritage OnAir panel discussion, as Dr. Thomas Lamar interviews four young ladies who are currently ministering to their families, reaching out to the needs of others, and pursuing personal development...right now!


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Where Can I Study Homeschooling?

kids race

"So where do you go to study homeschooling from start to finish?”

Good question! I’ve been asked it many times. And I wondered that, too. About 30 years ago, at the dawn of modern homeschooling, I was a committed but anxious Christian mama. My husband and I wanted to faithfully train up our growing family for the Lord at home, as we “sat in our house, walked by the way, lay down, and rose up.” (Deut. 6) But no one did that. So we had nowhere to turn for help. In fact, the word ‘homeschooling’ didn’t exist. Except for the Lord, we were very much alone. And I ached for older women who understood our convictions and could guide me in my day to day work with my children. (more…)

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God and Gas Prices


“The law from your
mouth is more precious to me
than thousands of pieces of silver and gold.”

~Psalm 119:72

Parenting that honors God must be consistent with what God says about Himself in Scripture. Your appreciation and awe for God and His Son must increase, not decrease. In any relationship, if you begin to take someone for granted, the strength of that relationship begins to decrease. Taking God for granted, as in not having growing love for Him, will lead to inconsistency in the things you say and the things you do.  Children show particular expertise in detecting inconsistencies in parents. If you talk to you children about a God who is wonderful, about a Savior who means everything to you, but then you are down and discouraged about some event that didn’t go your way, you are being inconsistent. Your testimony about the wonder of God is diminished your children’s eyes.

Gas Costs How Much?

gasFor example, you may speak glowingly about the sovereignty of God but then be quickly discouraged by rising gas prices. This discouragement may spill over into worry and short tempers as the price of gas marches upward. Complaints begin about the price of food going up because of high gas prices. Trips to the gas station become an exercise in anxiety as you peek to see how high the gas price has risen since yesterday. (more…)

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