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by Daniel Craig
August 21, 2014

It’s a Picnic!

game Several years ago our family went to our first Christian Heritage Kick-Off Picnic.  It was such a revitalizing event that we wondered why in the world we had never made the time to attend before!

girls Fellow homeschoolers we had never met before became friends.  Acquaintances became relationships, and old friends brought rich fellowship and encouraging conversation!


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CH OnAir Broadcast: Walking with Your Sons on the Journey to Manhood, with Craig Houston

Houston LVB


Dear Fellow Dads,

I love my boys – all five of them – and I want the very best for them. I want them to grow up to be mighty men who fear God, and God alone. But I also want them to be tender, humble, self-sacrificing men who lay down their lives for others.

Sometimes it’s tempting to look for a special formula that will guarantee our sons will turn out exactly as we envision. There isn’t a special formula. 

I’m convinced, however, that there is a special journey. This is the journey of a father walking beside his son into manhood. This is the journey of a father giving his heart to his sons, with the desire for their hearts in return.

This is the journey I’m seeking to walk with my five boys. And if you desire to walk this journey too, I’d like to invite you to listen to the recording of this Christian Heritage OnAir Live Video Broadcast recorded on August 5, as we explore:

  • How we can give our hearts to our sons, and truly make the effort to gain their’s.
  • How we can build trust with our sons.
  • How we can help our sons reach their full potential, acknowledging their unique natural gifts, spiritual gifts, personalities, and passions.
  • How we can train our sons to understand the importance of work and diligence.
  • How we can lovingly chasten our sons as our Heavenly Father chastens us.
  • How we can teach our sons to love God and others, preferring others better than themselves.
  • How we can give our sons the opportunity to exercise leadership….and fail in the process.
Dads, this world is an unfriendly place for boys who want to become godly men. Let’s not let make them walk this road alone.
Your Brother in Christ,
Pastor Craig Houston




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Now Hiring: Marketing Director

We are searching for a well qualified and committed individual to fill the position of Marketing Director for Christian Heritage.

The purpose of this paid position is to provide visionary, innovative and strategic direction to all Christian Heritage marketing & publicity.

We believe this position is essential to expanding the reach and impact of Christian Heritage as we seek to promote home-based discipleship and education that is parent-directed and Christ-centered to the glory of God.

If you would be interested in considering and applying for this position, we invite you to review the Job Description and Application at the links below:

Job Description


We also invite you to pass this information on to anyone else you think might be a good fit for this position. And please pray that God would direct us to just the right person!

Anyone interested in this position should submit their application right away. We plan to hire ASAP.

Please submit applications by mail or e-mail to:

Daniel Craig
Christian Heritage Administrative Director

Mailing Address:

11716 S. Player Drive
Spokane, WA 99223

Email Address:

For questions e-mail or call: 509.944.0171

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