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Where Can I Study Homeschooling?

kids race

"So where do you go to study homeschooling from start to finish?”

Good question! I’ve been asked it many times. And I wondered that, too. About 30 years ago, at the dawn of modern homeschooling, I was a committed but anxious Christian mama. My husband and I wanted to faithfully train up our growing family for the Lord at home, as we “sat in our house, walked by the way, lay down, and rose up.” (Deut. 6) But no one did that. So we had nowhere to turn for help. In fact, the word ‘homeschooling’ didn’t exist. Except for the Lord, we were very much alone. And I ached for older women who understood our convictions and could guide me in my day to day work with my children. (more…)

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Preparing Your Children for Criticism

The section of Proverbs from 6:23 – 27:6 has some profound things to say about receiving criticism. One theme of this passage is to warn against living for the praise of others.

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The wise man (including the wise child) is motivated by the fear of God and the pursuit of wisdom (Proverbs 1;7; 3:11-18). When we are motivated by the praise of others we lose the ability to be Biblically objective. This is an important lesson for children to grasp. A little boy who craves praise may well grow into a husband who will be angry or disappointed when he receives criticism. The same child may become discouraged and even depressed when he believes he is not being appreciated. Here is the warning:  if you live for praise your life will not be productive. Let’s see how these four verses illustrate this.

Like a coating of glaze over earthenware
are fervent lips with an evil heart.
Proverbs 6:23 (more…)

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God and Gas Prices


“The law from your
mouth is more precious to me
than thousands of pieces of silver and gold.”

~Psalm 119:72

Parenting that honors God must be consistent with what God says about Himself in Scripture. Your appreciation and awe for God and His Son must increase, not decrease. In any relationship, if you begin to take someone for granted, the strength of that relationship begins to decrease. Taking God for granted, as in not having growing love for Him, will lead to inconsistency in the things you say and the things you do.  Children show particular expertise in detecting inconsistencies in parents. If you talk to you children about a God who is wonderful, about a Savior who means everything to you, but then you are down and discouraged about some event that didn’t go your way, you are being inconsistent. Your testimony about the wonder of God is diminished your children’s eyes.

Gas Costs How Much?

gasFor example, you may speak glowingly about the sovereignty of God but then be quickly discouraged by rising gas prices. This discouragement may spill over into worry and short tempers as the price of gas marches upward. Complaints begin about the price of food going up because of high gas prices. Trips to the gas station become an exercise in anxiety as you peek to see how high the gas price has risen since yesterday. (more…)

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A Day in the Life of a 2014 Christian Heritage Conference Attendee


8:00 AM: We arrive at Overlake Christian Church and gape at the size of the parking lot, the building--everything! The minute we walk in, we're greeted by smiling people who get us registered and explain just how everything works. Excitement for the day runs high!


8:15 AM: With some time before the first General Session, we explore the large vendor hall--or should I say begin to explore--because we quickly realize that we could spend several hours in here alone. For now, we're satisfied with a cursory overview that gives us an idea of what we'll want to come back to in the breaks throughout the day. (more…)

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