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March 31, 2014
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One-Room Schoolhouse?

How do you teach multiple ages simultaneously?

Our family visits a couple of specialty physicians on an annual or semi-annual basis for checkups. I usually have all of my children in tow—after all, we are a homeschooling family and wouldn’t want to miss a great learning opportunity! The doctors and their staffs have gotten to know my children by name. They often ask my kids what they’re learning at home and what field trip we might be taking after our appointment, since we’ve driven to a large metro area full of museums and a zoo.  Usually, these kind doctors then turn to me and say something along the lines of, “You have such great children. How do you teach them all?”

As you are beginning your homeschooling journey, maybe you find yourself in a similar position: trying to teach several children, all of varied ages. Maybe you’ve been asked the same question—“How can you possibly teach them all?”—by a concerned friend or family member. Or perhaps you are struggling with this issue yourself in your heart of hearts. It’s the old one-room schoolhouse dilemma: one teacher, yet many children of varied ages and abilities, all wanting your time and attention simultaneously. (more…)

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Worldview Assessment


Are your children equipped to face the “Real World”? When children finish their home training and “leave the nest” into the secular culture around them, will they be truly prepared to embark on such a journey. Now is the time to begin thinking about the competing ideological forces at war for the souls of your children. While you can still influence their beliefs, you must begin dialoguing with them regarding the important issues of life. There is much more to equipping your child than simply giving them “head knowledge.” You must win their heart by establishing a loving relationship of trust and open communication. Character building and discipleship must be central. You must encourage them to love God with all their being, and train them to be ministry minded. We must always strive to maintain a Godly balance, aiming for the head and the heart. Simply getting “all the right answers” on a worldview test will not redeem a child. Just because your child has a Biblical Worldview does not mean that he will necessarily live according to what he knows to be true. We aren’t trying to create intellectually superior students but, rather, Spirit-filled Christian youth who can live out the truth in love, and win their hearers to Christ. (more…)

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Webinar Recording: Raising Visionary Kids by Teaching the Reasons Behind Rules

Raising Visionary Kids - Crawford
Do you want to raise authentic, heart-deep, God-loving kids or fake hypocrites? We are seeing a discouraging trend across the Christian landscape, of children leaving the faith as they enter the adult years, even among conservative, homeschooling families. While there are many theories about this dilemma, in the next segment of our spring webinar series, Raising Visionary Kids, Kelly Crawford will address one major element that could be missing from our parenting: helping our children understand why we do what we do in a way that will powerfully shape their worldview.


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Scientific Illusions

My oldest son used to put on shows using science to create illusions for his friends. When his younger brother was just 4, he would pretend to make him disappear. Of course, the audience figured this trick out easily—when the 4-year-old waved to them from behind the tablecloth!

It’s fun to watch an illusionist and try to discover how he performs his tricks! That disappearing trick was based on distraction of the audience and not on science. However, when an illusion is based on science, it very rarely fails. Why do you think science tricks rarely fail? It is because God created an order to this world, and God’s order is what science is based upon. So if you want to baffle your friends, try the science projects below. (more…)

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A Good Word

listenThough it didn’t look like it would go that way, it turned out to be a good conversation. Concerned about some attitude problems, my dear wife and I sat down with our three biggest to express those concerns, to encourage repentance, to wash them with the Word. From our perspective the children were falling into a common habit among teenagers, looking to their parents as peers, and seeing their instructions as fodder for arguments. Denise and I were quick and happy to confess that our children haven’t been showing outright defiance, just a bit of cheekiness. They have been forgetting their place.

After some struggle they began to own the problem. They repented of their recent weaknesses. That, however, wasn’t the best part, nor the great turn to the good of the conversation. That happened when they, graciously, humbly, remembering their place, gently suggested that their peace and their place might be more secure were my wife and I more quick to speak encouragement into their lives. It seems our correction may be losing some of its power because it is not sufficiently seasoned with the salt of encouragement. (more…)

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