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December 30, 2013
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Recreational (Modern) Dating is Absurd


It is. The new (Yes, dating as we know it has only been around for a few decades, in which time, by the way, the divorce rate has sky-rocketed. The possible connection is noteworthy.) recreational activity of “girlfriend and boyfriend” at young ages, with no intent of marriage is one of the craziest experiments in human history, has had some of the most detrimental consequences, and YET, the majority of parents allow it–no encourage it, with hardly any thought to the aforementioned pitfalls. (more…)

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December 17, 2013
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Every year since I can remember, we’ve gathered in a parking lot.  Our breath fogs the air between us, but quick smiles light the darkness like flaring matches.  There is always a group of us carolers, but the tow-headed youngsters are the stars of the night. 

Joy to the world! The Lord is come.

Instruments are slipped from their cases and forced to hold a tune against the icy air.  The same green hand-made songbooks are passed out, baskets laden with cookie plates are unearthed, and the tracts are readied.  The preparations complete, we crowd into a care home and carols of Jesus’ birth reverberate the whole night long.

Let earth receive her King!

If you’ve never tried caroling as a Christmas outreach, why not make this your first year?  It is one of the very best ways to share the Gospel with your community! (more…)

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A Personal Letter of Encouragement from Neil Craig

December, 2013

Dear Christian Heritage Family,

On October 8th at 2:19 in the morning, the Lord blessed Mary and I with our ninth grandchild, Caleb Valor Beroth. I had gone to bed the night before, the phone within arm’s reach, praying and eagerly awaiting the all-important call from Texas. Finally, at 2:34 AM the phone rang and across the airwaves, I heard the most joyous sound a grandfather can ever hope to hear – the soft cry of a brand new baby boy. I’ve been through this process nine times now, but once again, I was spontaneously moved to tears of great joy and amazement at the power and wisdom of God at work in bringing another new life into this world.letter

Eighteen days later, as I held this "little" 10.6 pound baby in my arms for the first time, I couldn’t help but smile at the thought that this is my grandson – my future – my legacy. Since those first moments with Caleb, I’ve taken time to consider afresh my duties and responsibilities to my grandchildren. Even though my own children are grown, I’m realizing how much there is yet to be done with the opportunity God has given me to impact both the lives of my children, and now the lives of their children too. (more…)

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Fond Memories of the Family Economics and Mentorship Conference

Christian Heritage partnered with Generations with Vision to bring the 2013 Family Economics and Mentorship Conference to Washington, and it was a fantastic, unique experience, set apart from any other Christian Heritage event to date by its seaside location, the smaller, more intimate setting, and a focus on all things economic and mentorship related!


Steve Riddell, vice president and COO of, shared "30 Ways to be Excellent in a Mediocre World," and young people were quoting it in the halls afterwards!


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