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Webinar Recording: Basic Training – How to Teach Your Kids to Work

How to teach your kids to work

Do your kids love to work? Surrounded by a culture which views work as a necessary evil, it’s no easy task to train your children to work ”heartily as to the Lord” – all the time, no matter who’s watching. On November 19th, Dave Tucker, homeschool Dad, missionary, and serial entrepreneur, joins us live to take on this important but neglected issue. You’ll love Dave’s no-nonsense approach as he explains 12 keys to getting from A to Z in raising kids who will be productive servants of Jesus Christ.



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by BlogManager12
November 25, 2013
Celebrations, Scripture

Thanksgiving: A Lifestyle, Not a Holiday


It is a sure sign that we are sinners that we tend to be more concerned about what we do than what we are. That is, our guilt or peace oftentimes is the fruit of our own judgment of how often we commit a known sin, less often grounded in what we think and how we feel. I may hate my brother, but if I can keep myself from killing him, well, how bad could I be?

In Romans 1 Paul is setting about the business of explaining the universal guilt of men before God. There he answers the telling question, what about the innocent native in Africa who knows nothing of Christ by affirming that all men everywhere both know who God is, and reject that knowledge. Before we have done anything we stand guilty, if only because our eyes tell us there is a God and our hearts hate that truth. Paul then, however, in describing the universal sinful condition of all men outside of Christ adds this condemnation- neither were they grateful. (more…)

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Attendee Excitement at the 2013 Family Economics and Mentorship Conference

Dr. Thomas Lamar, of Christian Heritage OnAir goes “Man on the Street” with the attendees at the 2013 Family Economics and Mentorship Conference. Here is a mix-down of attendee feedback!



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Don’t Just Discipline: Train!

Discipline and training are not the same thing.

They are approached differently.  Discipline happens at the “scene of the crime” and is generally punitive.  Training attacks that same issue in all the calm hours before the next incidence of it, and again some time after the next incidence of it.

Training educates the child in the winning concept, and gets the child to buy into it on a mental level rather than on an emotional one.  In the middle of an “episode,” children are dominated by their emotions and can’t see straight.  Training anticipates the problem, prepares the child for the problem, and thoroughly involves schooling them on the particular character issue involved.  Training uses multiple channels of instruction.  For example, a parent might draw stick figures on paper to help the child see the dynamic outside of himself, objectively.  Or, point it out when it is happening—or not happening—between other people.  A parent can do “dress rehearsals” and practice sessions over any issue. (more…)

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For Young Men: Reliability–What it Is, and Why It Matters

I'm lateTrust is a big word. Trust is the feeling you get that someone or something will actually perform what you expect it to. Reliability produces trust. One speaker said the formula for Trust was:
T = ME/Time Where T = Trust and ME = Met Expectations

So, Trust equals Met Expectations over Time. Every time we meet someone’s expectations their trust in us goes up. Every time we fail to meet their expectations their trust in us goes down.

If reliability produces trust and reliability is actually meeting people’s expectations, it becomes very important to make sure that we: 1.) Do not promise what we cannot keep, and 2.) Do everything we can to fulfill what we promise.

As long as we allow other circumstances, other people, other situations to get in the way of us keeping our word, we will lose trust and be considered “un-reliable”. Showing up late for work and blaming the alarm clock, daylight savings time, the power company or any other possible circumstance just kills our reliability.

Half of life is just showing up on time” is another saying I like. As a young man, you need to realize that showing up when you promise is half your battle. You can stand out from the crowd just by being on time.

I once managed 12 crews that had to get out on the road in the morning. It was almost impossible to get everyone out because there were always stragglers, people coming in 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes late. (more…)

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Essential Tips for Busy Dads

Busy Dad

Simple Tips to Getting More Involved

Long day. I pulled the car into the driveway from a less-than-relaxing commute, only to be greeted by a new set of responsibilities. How was I going to manage my time, my attitude, and the workload at home?

That has been my thought more than once. Being a homeschooling family is a great investment, and it pays off every day. But there is quite a bit of work involved. Along the way, my wife and I have worked together and discovered some simple things that help me play the role of principal and get the things I need to do finished. (more…)

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