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25 Ways to Help Your Family Budget

Coin Dropping Into Piggy BankThe recent economic turmoil hasn’t left homeschoolers untouched. Even in the best of times, single-income homeschool families often need to watch their pennies. Add rising costs and economic instability to the mix, and the result can pose a real challenge.

In times such as these, it can be tempting to put the kids back in school so Mom can take a job to help pay the bills. But wait! Is that step really necessary? Perhaps not. Before you give up on your vision to teach your children at home, perhaps you can weather the financial storm by practicing some good old-fashioned belt-tightening. (I know, I know—that doesn’t sound like very much fun to me, either. But isn’t it better than the alternatives?)

Most of us already know some ways to live frugally and cut back on spending. However, sometimes it’s good to learn from the wisdom of others so we can glean new ideas and insights. That’s exactly what we’re going to do in this article. I recently asked many of the writers who write for Home School Enrichment to share their favorite money-saving tips and ideas, and they delivered the goods! Some of their ideas may be familiar to you, others may be new; use what you can, and may God bless your efforts to stay true to His calling through both the easy times and the hard times! (more…)

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The No-Man’s Land Myth that Young Women Fall For

the path ahead

I’m 23, which means I’m old enough to be an adult, but young enough to still have stubborn weeds of foolishness, insert-foot-directly-in-mouth moments (“When I was young…”), and general lack of perspective. I’m also single, which status means that I’m stuck in our culture’s stereotype of an awkward no-man’s land: not a carefree kid, but (especially according to insurance companies) not a responsible adult.

If you’ve seen a war-torn countryside, you know what kind of a no man’s land I’m talking about: a gray place of vulnerability, purposelessness, and despair. You’re a walking target and landmines and traps and barbed wire abound.

But do I have to be relegated there? Hold the bus, or the horses, or your pigtails—whatever happen to be handy, ladies, because don’t you agree with me that an entire paradigm shift is in order? What if the culture has it wrong about me only becoming truly responsible once I’m married? What if I’m not in a no-man’s land between childhood and adulthood? What if God tailored this season in my life for me as the way I could best glorify Him right now? (more…)

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What to Teach Your Kids About Listening in Church


The Problem

I recently had a talk with a minister friend of mine. He was very troubled. It seems some in his congregation are growing increasingly critical of his sermons. Some want more depth. Some want more of the basics. Some want more life, more illustrations; some want less. Some more humor, some want more sincerity. Some want longer sermons. (I love folks like that!) Most want him to wrap it up early. Some say he preaches too much about Jesus. I wondered about that one. Is a Christian preacher not to preach about Jesus?

I am confident anyone who has been called to preach the Gospel has faced similar questions. And I am sure the criticism will only increase in a day when preaching is viewed as a performance rather than a calling. Sadly, there are those who want preachers to be stand up comedians. Others seem to want a doctrinal thesis each Lord’s Day. It is impossible to please everyone.

The Right Perspective

In my preaching, I have faced similar questions. Actually, I am not really troubled by such inquiries. I really try to look at these as opportunities to let the Lord teach me to be a better communicator. Criticism offered in love can be helpful. Even criticism offered in, well, rebellion, can be used to sharpen the message.

I don’t need to wonder if the Apostle Paul faced the same criticism. In 2 Corinthians 10:10, Paul quotes his opposition as saying his speech was contemptible. Yet Paul continued to preach, first and foremost, that Christ died for our sins, according to the Scriptures (1 Corinthians 15:3).

As I listened to my friend, I was reminded of a sermon preached by one of the greatest preachers of time, George Whitefield. It seems apparent from the sermon that even Reverend Whitefield faced critics. He addressed this issue in a sermon entitled Directions How to Hear Sermons. The sermon was based on the text of Luke 8:18, where Jesus said, “Take heed, therefore, how ye hear.” Note the imperative -  those who hear should consider how they are hearing! (more…)

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by BlogManager12
October 8, 2013
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Recording Family Life with Good Photographs


Photography is the art of capturing something fleeting; holding that which cannot be held; moments made still. Good photographs are hardly about the technical side of photography. The technicalities are secondary when it comes to taking good photos, because you aren’t just taking photos--you are capturing life!

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Your main goal is to be on the lookout for capturing moments. Anyone can take photos, but if you miss the moment, you missed the good photograph. (more…)

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