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2018 Bible & Apologetics Conference - September 7-8, 2018 Ocean Shores, WA

Now is the time to lay again the foundation of God’s word in our homes! With a firm reliance upon the Holy Spirit of God, the Bible Conference will equip you and your family to Teach, Integrate, Sing, Memorize, Believe, Live and Stand on the Bible - even in the midst of a culture that has rejected it's authority!

Continuing the Conversation with Linda Lacour Hobar

Linda Lacour Hobar

Linda, author of The Mystery of History, is a follower of Christ, a genuine people-person, and a fan of comfortable high-heels. Through homeschooling and missionary service, she discovered a deep love for world history and a clear call to write. In its sixteenth year of worldwide circulation, The Mystery of History has been well received by all ages for its warmth and readability. Linda lives in Tennessee where she continues to obsess over matters big and small.


Modern History that Shook the World!
Want to understand today’s headlines?…

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Critical Skills Your Child Needs to be Successful by Jonathan Brush

Yes, there’s a whole bunch of complicated academics that needs to be done before graduation!

Bad news: Most of the actual “stuff” your child learns they will never use. I haven’t used algebra since my final exam on the subject in college  (sophomore year).

Good news: If you teach your child that academic stuff and in the process teach them how to manage their time, manage their tasks, use their creativity, and solve problems it really doesn’t matter what their grades are, they will have the core skills they need to be successful.…

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Standing on the Solid Rock: How to Radically Transform Your Family Through Family Bible Study by Jonathan Brush

Giving this session reminded me of how important daily family Bible study is – and how that habit had really slipped in our house the last few months.

I came home with that reminder and tried to really focus on regaining some of the consistency that we used to have in doing this.

We’re in the Gospel of John right now. I haven’t had a perfect record since the conference, but I’m doing a lot better than I was before!

Just a few days after my return the passage I read aloud sparked a family conversation that lasted more than an hour.…

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The Importance of Finding, Building and Keeping Great Relationships by Jonathan Brush

The weekend after the Christian Heritage Conference...

...I did a series of five sessions on this topic at a student event. The conversations at that event really reminded me of this fact: Figuring out relationship basics is a major challenge for a lot of people in our time, especially young people. I was also reminded that the relationship challenges come in an infinite variety, just like people. There is no magic advice or instructions that will solve all relationships issues.

I’m convinced that the solution is to focus on the basics: The foundational principles that are true no matter what.…

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